Yoga Classes

Beginners Yoga Classes

This is a class for the complete beginner. Initially the class begins with Trikonasanalight breathing practices  and meditation followed by warm up exercises, so the body is more ready to try more traditional yoga poses. The beginners class consists of 5 classes, after which the student can continue in segments of 5 classes if they wish to progress further. If you have experience in yoga then you need to contact me and we can discuss an appropriate class that suits your abilities and needs.

“You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great.”

Hatha Flow Yoga Classes

This Hatha flow class is for students who would like to go a little deeper into their YogaClass2poses and learn to work with grounding and alignment. The student can then start concentrating on their breathing patterns more comfortably. The student learns to completely focus on their posture and alignment. You will learn to do backbends safely to create a more flexible spine, a stronger back with more open hips, and we initiate arm balances, creating more upper body strength which gives you the sense of feeling so much lighter.

“A truly flexible back makes for a long life”

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

This class is for students who would like to move  more YogaClass3freely and engage in some core poses as well as learning the techniques that can lead to stronger upper body poses for arm balances, inversions and backbends. Here you learn to focus more on breathing into the poses and this is where you learn to get stability, strength and depth. As you develop into each new pose it will make you feel stronger, more capable, it builds a mindset of confidence and an optimistic view towards future challenges both on and off the mat. This class will give you the true sense of freedom in mind and body as we learn to let go.

“The poses we like least are often the ones we need most.”

Intermediate Yoga Classes

Headstand.Turning your world upside down.

This class is for people who have been practicing yoga for a while and are looking to bring their practice a step further.  As in life we all come across hurdles that sometimes seem impossible to climb. Through Yoga, the poses that seem impossible at first start to become a reality and then this reality becomes you when you learn to bring Yoga with you off the mat and into your life. You learn to always engage with yourself in many situations and feel strong, free  and confident. In this class we work on headstands, backbends, inversions and arm balances. You will learn how  to create and keep more energy inside your body for when you need it most.

“There is nothing as strong as true gentleness and there is nothing as gentle as true strength.”

 Hatha Yoga Classes

This is a class for students who would like to gently flow YogaClass4through the Yoga poses while always engaging in your breath and having time to fully ground and bring total awareness through your whole body with an clear mind and a feeling of peace and tranquility. True inner connection.

“Your body lives in the past, your mind in the future, they come together in the present when you practice yoga.”



Yoga for You